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If you are interested in being listed in the Trade Directory, please contact
Rob Kerr  or  fill in this form.

Business Solutions
Balanced Business Solutions Ltd.
Owner/Manager: Jvala Schelling
Phone:  960 1081
Cell: 027 4785300
Email: jvala@paradise.net.nz
Bookkeeping, Accounting, Taxation, Secretarial.
Percentage to the school: 5 – 10%

St. Martins Chiropractic Centre  
Owner/Manager: Bruce J.Crellin
Phone:  332 2099
Percentage to the school: 20%

IT Support
Torq Systems
Owner/ Manager: Graham Carmichael
Phone:  349 7472
Cell: 021 022 29640
Email: support@torq.co.nz
IT Support for Home users and Small Business. Everything from Antivirus cleanup to multi machine installs. Over 20 years of IT experience. Friendly Help and Advice, Machine (re)installs
Repairs, Anti-virus/Anti-spyware/Anti-adware Networking (Wired/Wireless/Broadband/Firewalls) Domains, Email.
Percentage to the school: 10%

AMBIT.: webdesign
Owner: Stefan Gabel
Phone Number: 03-942 1314
Email: stefan@ambit-webdesign.com
Website: www.ambit-webdesign.com
Webdesign and programming, also house selling websites.
Design of print material like rack card, brochures, logos.
Percentage to the school: 5% < $750 10% > $750

Hair Dressing
At home Hair dressing
Owner/Manager: Daniel Winchester
Address: 11 Earl Street, Opawa
Phone Number:  03 33 181 79
Email: ashynrae@hotmail.com
Hair cuts, Colours for Women, Men and Children. In the comfort of my home were I can do it to suit your needs, If you want to come later in the evening after you have finished work or have gotten the children off to bed. Weekends or just what ever suits and you can also bring your children and were they will have a great place to play. Its make for a less stressful environment were you can enjoy getting your hair cut.
Donation: 10% of all cut and colour work

Health Products
Owner/Manager: Declan Scott
81 Main Road, Governors Bay
Phone:  03 329 9222
Email: info@spiritedbusiness.com
Living Juicers, Automatic Sprouters, Water Filtration systems, Range of Healthy Awareness products & books
Donation: 5% of Gross sales

Painting and Decorating
Aquarius Painting & Decorating Service
Propretor: Peter Kay
Phone:  981 5382                      
Cell: 025 299 0662
Email:   peterkay@paradise.net.nz
Adept at plastering and all preparatory work ensuring an unbeatable finish!

Environmental Landscaping
One Earth Matters
Owner/Manager: Carl Pickens
Cell: 027 3509868
Email: oneearthmatters@actrix.co.nz
Environmental Landscaping and Landscape Architecture
Donation: 5% on profit up to $10,000.

Natural Home Builders Ltd.
Owner/Manager: Philip Wilkinson-Fern
Phone:  377 4337
Email: suephil20@clear.net.nz
Home building, Renovations and Alterations with emphasis on Eco-Building methods and products.
Donation: 5% on profit up to $10,000 profit.

Cooking School
Nourish School of Food 
Owner/Manager: Melanie Jane
Phone:  942 3882
Cell: 021 0225 0989
Email: melanie@nourish.org.nz
Website: www.nourish.org.nz
Cooking School with focus on organic cooking classes, food consultancy- special diets, gluten free, dairy free.
Donation: 5% on fee      

“Golden Sleep”
Owners Sigrid &Chris Mcturk
Phone: o3 3146 999
Email:   c.s.mcturk@xtra.co.nz
Type of business/trade or products offered:
“Golden Sleep” is a family owned and run business with focus on Quality-natural-healthy sleep and support for spine and posture for all ages. Quality speaks for it self great gift for you and your family- where dreams become true.
Percentage to the school: 10%

“Christchurch Carpentry Services ”
Owners Gary Pollock
Phone: 388-6198 999
Email:   g.pollock@xtra.co.nz
Type of business/trade or products offered:
Carpentry .
Percentage to the school: 10% of profit



Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School
19 Ombersley Terrace PO Box 19944 Opawa Christchurch 8241
Phone + 64 (0)3 337 0514  Email admin@ch.steiner.school.nz

AMBIT.: webdesign